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The Performance, Banking Risks, and their Regulation Free Essay Example, 1500 words

The provisions of the EC regulation include prior intimation to all creditors (which includes Bank A)about the winding up procedures of Bank B. Under Article 23 of the Regulation, Bank A will be permitted to square off the debts owed to bank B against those owed to itself in multiple trading transactions, through the process of netting. Every individual derivative transaction may have different dates of payment, etc however by combining some of those payments into one, (for example, those that use a particular currency), close out netting can combine all dues to determine net value, will enable such common debts to be paid on a combined basis rather than being paid individually3 This netting option must be specified in the contract to offset cherry picking by liquidations when the winding up procedure is initiated. Third Point: Jurisdiction to be included in the contract: Conflict of laws will occur between the home state of Bank A which is England versus the home state of bank B. Although they are both in Europe and subject to the Directive, nevertheless the winding up proceedings occur in accordance with the laws of the home country of Bank B, which may operate according to a different set of laws on insolvency and winding up. We will write a custom essay sample on The Performance, Banking Risks, and their Regulation or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/page

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AA on Business Administration How to Tell if a School is Really Accredited 2019

Online AA on Business Administration degrees have earned increasing respect in recent years. It is now possible to earn a quality business degree through the convenience of distance education. However, not all online AA on Business Administration degrees deliver respectable credentials. In 2017, a senior director in U.S. Homeland Security stepped down from office. She admitted that her doctorate from an unaccredited university in Wyoming consisted of only a 4-page paper and 1 course in business ethics. Some schools claim accreditation by unrecognized or nonexistent agencies. Others, particularly foreign online schools, may offer credentials that are not valid in the U.S., where the student will someday practice his or her profession. Separating Fact from Fiction in AA on Business Administration Programs In order to be truly accredited, an AA on Business Administration program must be certified by an agency recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation. The highest standard possible in the U.S. is to be accredited by one of the 6 regional Higher Learning Commission agencies. These are the same agencies that accredit Ivy League universities like Harvard and Yale. .u40e728fc6a63a882363ff9942c16251f { padding:0px; margin: 0; padding-top:1em!important; padding-bottom:1em!important; width:100%; display: block; font-weight:bold; background-color:#eaeaea; border:0!important; border-left:4px solid #34495E!important; box-shadow: 0 1px 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.17); -moz-box-shadow: 0 1px 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.17); -o-box-shadow: 0 1px 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.17); -webkit-box-shadow: 0 1px 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.17); text-decoration:none; } .u40e728fc6a63a882363ff9942c16251f:active, .u40e728fc6a63a882363ff9942c16251f:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; text-decoration:none; } .u40e728fc6a63a882363ff9942c16251f { transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; } .u40e728fc6a63a882363ff9942c16251f .ctaText { font-weight:bold; color:inherit; text-decoration:none; font-size: 16px; } .u40e728fc6a63a882363ff9942c16251f .post Title { color:#000000; text-decoration: underline!important; font-size: 16px; } .u40e728fc6a63a882363ff9942c16251f:hover .postTitle { text-decoration: underline!important; } READ Online Associate Degree in Business Using an Associate's Degree to Work as an Accounting TechnicianPrestige should not be confused with accreditation, however. Accreditation status should always be investigated, no matter what the perceived reputation of the AA on Business Administration program in question. More Acceptable AA on Business Administration Credentials Other forms of acceptable accreditation include the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) and the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). Some AA on Business Administration programs are also accredited by state agencies. However, not all U.S. employers acknowledge state accreditation from applicants. For links to accredited online AA on Business Administration programs, visit, the leading education and career resource website. Prospective students may also request more information about earning an AA on Business Administration through one of our featured schools by filling out an information request form. Related ArticlesBSN in Nursing Look for This to Avoid Enrolling in a Bogus Nursing ProgramEarning Your MBA From HomeImprove Your Life and the World With a Masters Degree In Criminal JusticeAssociate Degree Business Administration Salary Does an AA in Business PayAA Business Watch Out for these Common Degree ScamsHow to Dominate at the Job Fair .ue21a32b0175b24f1b6fab3d5b20f3c88 { padding:0px; margin: 0; padding-top:1em!important; padding-bottom:1em!important; width:100%; display: block; font-weight:bold; background-color:#eaeaea; border:0!important; border-left:4px solid #34495E!important; box-shadow: 0 1px 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.17); -moz-box-shadow: 0 1px 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.17); -o-box-shadow: 0 1px 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.17); -webkit-box-shadow: 0 1px 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.17); text-decoration:none; } .ue21a32b0175b24f1b6fab3d5b20f3c88:active, .ue21a32b0175b24f1b6fab3d5b20f3c88:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; text-decoration:none; } .ue21a 32b0175b24f1b6fab3d5b20f3c88 { transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; } .ue21a32b0175b24f1b6fab3d5b20f3c88 .ctaText { font-weight:bold; color:inherit; text-decoration:none; font-size: 16px; } .ue21a32b0175b24f1b6fab3d5b20f3c88 .postTitle { color:#000000; text-decoration: underline!important; font-size: 16px; } .ue21a32b0175b24f1b6fab3d5b20f3c88:hover .postTitle { text-decoration: underline!important; } READ Associate Criminal Justice Degree Checklist 7 Things to Consider Before Enrolling

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Reflection on a business education course Free Essays

string(54) " if there exist a difference, between these footings\." Contemplation harmonizing to Walker E. S ( 2006 ) P 216 has been defined as â€Å" a procedure sing believing about and researching an issue of concern, which is triggered by an experience † . This merely means that for there to be a contemplation, there has to be an experience, irrespective of it being positive or negative. We will write a custom essay sample on Reflection on a business education course or any similar topic only for you Order Now Leaver- Dunn et Al were besides noted in Walker E. S ( 2006 ) p 216 that contemplation has the ability to separate between the expert practicians and their equals. To get down with and looking manner back to the beginning of this peculiar class it is interesting to observe that being an international pupil from Nigeria and analyzing Marketing Communications in the University of Bedfordshire was an experience ne’er to be forgotten, Is have been through assorted signifiers of transmutation, since the session started in September 21st,2009. Transformation theory, that was ab initio developed by Jack Mezirow, â€Å" identifies a procedure of alteration that begins with an experience one can non integrate into the mental matrix built from anterior life experience, and which normally includes the undermentioned constituents: a disorientating quandary, self scrutiny, a critical appraisal of premises, the acknowledgment that others have gone through similar procedures, the geographic expedition of options for organizing new functions, relationships or actions, the preparation of a program of action and reintegration into the experience with new, transformed positions † . Fuguan Tan ( 2009 ) Talking about transmutation, i personally come from a state that the educational system is wholly different from that of Europe, peculiarly the United Kingdom. I was able to come to footings with the fact that at that place existed a school calendar that will be purely followed and one saw myself in an organized scene. At first I had jobs coming to footings with being the lone Nigerian miss in my category until subsequently when I was joined by another chap from my place state, this gave me a spot of assurance as to confronting the ambitious class. In the words of Aileen C. and Elaine E, ( 2004 ) they wrote that exhaustively reflecting on pattern is really a cardinal characteristic of effectual acquisition, they went on to specify contemplation as concentrating on the immediate, thereby showing the inside informations of a job or undertaking. As an person I agree with the demand to reflect or instead concentrate on the immediate, this will decidedly assist to do corrections for the hereafter and non do the same errors already made if at all there was any. Further in the words of Horton-Deutsch. S and Sherwood Gwen ( 2008, p 947 ) contemplation involves â€Å" believing about experience, which leads scholars to a Fuller apprehension of what they know and increases their possible for leading † . Besides true in my position is the statement of Horton-Deutsch, who wrote that it is of import to reflect or believe back on the experience, which will in bend improve the person ‘s cognition about a peculiar state of affairs or increase the possible for greater highs. In most instances it is believed that the experience for analyzing abroad has great potency for transforming international pupil. I must state one went through some phases of transmutation such as meeting alteration, prosecuting in contemplation, reconfiguring perceptual experiences and re-acclimating to the state of affairs. Fuguan Tan ( 2009 ) Worthy of note is the point that throughout my survey in my place state, there has ne’er been an chance for me to reflect, this made it instead impossible for me to hold a re-think on my errors, and there was besides no chance to do corrections. 5.2 WHAT DOES REFLECTION MEAN? Cunliffe, ( 2004, p. 414 ) defines contemplation â€Å" as the agencies or procedure through which an experience in the signifier of idea, feeling, or action, is examined to analyse its significance while it is go oning or later † . Kember et al. , ( 2000 ) , wrote that contemplation does stand for a point on a acquisition continuum which is so characterised by wont at one terminal and critical contemplation at the other. To Schon ( 1983 ) contemplation is referred to as the ability to rethink one ‘s anterior ideas and action in context, both to come up premises every bit good as to do significance. Contemplation, as written in Klenowski V and Lunt I ( 2008 ) is largely specifying with respects to conceptual constituents and theoretical positions. Horton-Deutsch S and Sherwood Gwen ( 2008 ) explained that â€Å" Reflection is about larning from experience, a critical facet of cognition development and a skill indispensable to leading development † . They both went on to reason on the footing that contemplation goes far beyond ordinary empirical knowing, but it besides combines personal and ethical ways of cognizing. Korthagen F and Vasalos A ( 2005 ) wrote that the indispensable importance of contemplation is to larn from experiences. Woerkom M ( 2010 ) referred to reflection in Deweyan ‘s position as instrumental acquisition ; he went farther to observe that it is the appraisal of premises implicit in beliefs about how to work out jobs. In this peculiar definition, contemplation therefore besides includes an component of unfavorable judgment but refers more to instrumental thought, which is concerned with how to work out a job. In contrast, Mezirow defines critical contemplation as turn toing the inquiry of the justification for the really premises on which jobs are posed or defined in the first topographic point and scrutiny of their beginnings and effects. Critical contemplation can non go an built-in component in the immediate action procedure but requires a suspension in which to reevaluate one ‘s significance positions and, if necessary, to transform them. Critical self-reflection refers to the most of import acquisition experience. It means reevaluating the manner we have posed jobs, our ain significance positions, every bit good as reevaluating our ain orientation to perceiving, cognizing, believing, feeling, and moving. Some of the bookmans perceived contemplation, as critical contemplation or critical thought. It is hence frequently non clear what the difference is, or even if there exist a difference, between these footings. You read "Reflection on a business education course" in category "Essay examples" Dewey, who is perceived as the laminitis of the construct of contemplation, sometimes uses the footings â€Å" brooding thought † and â€Å" critical thought † interchangeably. Scott. G.S ( 2010 ) 5.3 RECOLLECTIONAND PROCESS OF REFLECTION OF REFLECTION The theoretical model for contemplation harmonizing to Korthagen F and Vasalos A ( 2005, p48 ) is referred to as ALACT theoretical account. This theoretical account is said to trust on the premise that â€Å" by nature people reflect on their experiences † . The theoretical account besides describes a structured brooding procedure, but on the other manus, the theoretical account did non take note about the content of contemplation. On the other manus Scott. G S ( 2010 ) p 434 argued that the benefit of contemplation has got extended theoretical support in literature, though Scott ‘s definition of contemplation is non without its ain statement. He went on to compose that the critical theoreticians ‘ contemplation is considered to â€Å" necessitate the surfacing of premises relative to state of affairss and surrounded steadfastly power dealingss, control and the transmutation of belief and values † . Reflection was interchangeably used by direction theoreticians as â€Å" personal, psychological alteration instead than societal alteration † Scott. G.S ( 2010 ) P 434 The function of pupil contemplation is an incorporate acquisition procedure, and contemplation has three phases: a reappraisal of experience, analysis, and re-evaluation ( Peltier, A ; Drago, 2004 ; Peltier et al. , 2005 ) . The initial phase of this procedure is the reappraisal of experience and presupposes consciousness. That is, it presupposes that the experience in inquiry has been brought into consciousness. The term ‘reflection ‘ is often used really slackly and this can easy befog the disciplined and ambitious nature of such acquisition. Reynolds ( 1999 ) distinguishes between critical contemplation an attack in which both experience and its societal and political contexts are examined, contemplation which focuses on the person and gives small attending to societal or political procedures, and critical thought, a term which he argues is ‘usually used to mean a disciplined attack to job work outing ‘ ( Reynolds, 1999, p. 173 ) . He went on to claim that in the direction literature â€Å" critical contemplation † is being used in the weaker sense to depict thoughtful analysis or job work outing ‘ ( Reynolds, 1999, p. 177 ) . With respect to contemplation and acquisition, Argyris and Schon distinguish between individual cringle and dual cringle acquisition. For the exercising of individual cringle larning it is possible ‘by observing and reflecting on our ain actions, to do a description of the silent knowing implicit in them ‘ ( Schon, 1987, p. 25 ) .This enables us to analyze and measure such cognition. However, dual cringle larning involves non merely reflecting on one ‘s actions, but besides researching the premises and ‘theories-in usage ‘ which are embedded in those actions. Walsh ( 2009 ) 5.4 PERSONAL FEELINGS AND LEARNING FROM THE EXPERIENCE The uncomfortableness that was felt at the beginning of the thesis was overpowering. It all started the first twenty-four hours that we were told to fix for the first thesis presentation, as I faced the fright I still was able to garner cognition. I wondered in the beginning if I could get by with the work in front of me, but with the encouragement of wise mans i was able to confront it and transport on. Brooding thought is to be used to heighten determination accomplishments, cultural sensitiveness, and teamwork, non merely express feelings or record in a diary what occurred, McInnis-Bowers et Al. ( 2010 ) In the words of Scott S G ( 2010 ) contemplation, is referred to as â€Å" the procedure of rethinking one ‘s anterior ideas and actions in context to come up premises and do significance. Contemplation represents one point on a acquisition continuum that is characterized by wont at one pole and critical contemplation at the other † . During the class of my survey peculiarly during the period I was composing up my thesis, the experience I had has thought me to believe in myself and halt thought I can non make it. It has thought me to ever confront my undertakings with whatever challenges that come with it. From this experience I have realised that there is no two ways about wining except through difficult work and there is a stating that goes therefore Proper, Prepara tion, Prevents, Poor, Performance 5P ‘s. The first feedback I had with my group members for the advancement in the Trident run which marked the boot off for the concluding thesis. It did non look a good start to me, because my group had a batch of things to work on and it was obvious non every group member was willing to work. Although the feeling did non function as a drawback it merely meant Is had to work harder. On that twenty-four hours we were advised on the three critical facets of the thesis which included the run program and study, literature reappraisal and eventually the contemplation. Before we attended the 2nd feedback, myself and the other three group members met on three occasions where we delegated work to each member on the undertaking in front, most of the clip it was two of the four members that was active, and on several cases i personally encouraged them to set in more attempt so we all can accomplish success at the terminal of the piece of work. The 2nd feedback which was on the ten percent of March, was attended by two supervisors and once more I was non happy with myself as no thorough research was done, my input was non good plenty and when we were asked what our run scheme meant, none of my group members could react, this became a spot cheerless. Looking frontward to a 60 unit faculty I felt truly down, but so it became a challenge. The job that was posed was the inability to set literature together to endorse our statements up but at the latter phase things got better. Again in the beginning it looked like we had trouble construing the brief, as we came up with several propositions, aims and scheme which seemed non to do sense, for this ground the undertaking became more competitory as the other two groups had the same subject and it seemed my group was non doing a head manner. 5.5 GROUP DYNAMICS AND LEARNING FROM THE EXPERIENCE Within my group I happened to be the lone female amongst three cats and i thought this ground will do them more active than one am but the contrary was the instance, this was the ground why in the beginning I had assorted feelings about working within a group, as it seemed everyone had a degree of understanding and this means it takes a superb one to be able to accomplish success. I had no pick at that point as we had a small group of 12 in the full selling communications, Masterss ‘ grade category, which made it truly obvious to be able to separate between the brilliant and dull pupils. Several times i was non happy with the groups i fall into, but with finding to stand out I normally face it, and i ne’er regretted my determinations as I ne’er failed a group work. Harmonizing to Moon ( 2004, p. 136 ) â€Å" when sing the university position on experiential acquisition and contemplation, it becomes evident, that the fact ‘that all instruction comes about through experience does non intend that all experiences are truly or every bit educative ‘ he besides argued that a differentiation needs to be made between what she footings ‘informal contemplation ‘ and ‘academic contemplation ‘ the latter being a formal procedure † . Walsh ( 2009 ) At a point during the group meetings i became so unhappy and one told other group members i was no longer interested in the work though this was non a true statement from my bosom, I was likely excessively disquieted, but with clip I was able to quiet myself down and get by even though things did non work out as planned On several occasions at that place existed misinterpretation and I personally found out that there was demand for these misinterpretation as it helps in traveling frontward most of the clip. Again many at times a member within the group was used to stating he works better under force per unit area and this did non travel good with me as Is do non work good under force per unit area, alternatively i do the opposite significance I program my clip and i appreciate clip direction and non fire brigade attack in transporting out my undertaking. Many times after a misinterpretation at that place exist duologue and apologies will be made by the necessary group members and so the undertaking continues, interestingly we tend to accomplish more at this clip. Another point worthy to observe at this clip is that working within a group gives a cognition about the office environment, where one will be working with other members of staff and if a undertaking is to be carried out, there will be no chance to take who to and who non to work with. Each clip one think of this I am encouraged to get by within any group I find myself and seek to corporate and have a good squad spirit. Contemplation so, in the words of Scott G S ( 2010 ) P 432 is the procedure or agencies by which an experience, in the signifier of idea, feeling, or action, is examined to condense its significance while it is go oning or later. Contemplation is fodder for self-regulation in an environment where what we define as utile and effectual behavior alterations continuously. With mention to the words of Scott ( 2010 ) I had different reactions to every state of affairs that I was faced with, ever believing back that I had a grade in a different educational scene and now a Masterss in Europe. At that point it was obvious something was non right as the first and 2nd feedback did non give a positive consequence, but something one held on to was the words given by the supervisors, which i pondered on, one went on to direct my piece of work to the coachs over the cyberspace, once more small betterment was made, it all became distressing but one ne’er give up. What happened following? I suggested we needed to run into a coach and get down afresh, interesting, we approached him and he was happy to take us aright, every group member attended this meeting and things began to alter. From the proposition, mark audience, scheme and really many utile advices was given. Most significantly we were told to include some theories of acquisition and contemplation to buttress some points, this period was a good precious one as it marked the beginning of a bend around. My function within the group was a really critical one as the other members do reach me to cognize what the following measure was, I was ever be called upon to split the undertaking and explicate what we did so far including the hereafter program. I enjoyed making this as I have ever seen myself as a magnetic leader, of class a leader by illustration. 5.6 LESSONS FOR THE FUTURE PROJECTS When one negotiations of success narrative, that does non literarily intend the consequences for the thesis is out already but the fulfillment and the joy that comes to mind cognizing fundamentally that the group work and the single portion was done and submitted in due clip is worthy of note. Soon after the summer vacation started two of the four group members did go to their place state go forthing merely two people to cover with the work. Sincerely things went slow but at each clip a meeting was arranged and there was advancement at every meeting coupled with misinterpretations. On the eighth of June, we had a concluding group presentation with feedback, which marked the concluding twenty-four hours of the class, to our greatest surprise the proposition we have changed clip and clip once more, mark audience cleavage and the tag line began to pass on, it became obvious that the group was on path even though the existent presentation got lost in a missing flash thrust. The group was advised to make more research and understand the mark audience and what needs to be done to pass on the trade name ( Trident masticating gum ) is the scheme and execution. Throughout this same month and July communicating continued on-line as it became a spot hard to run into in the university since the library closed earlier than usual. Each portion of the run was dealt with strictly and the power point slides were put together so the study followed afterwards. Scott G. S ( 2010 ) p 433 was before quoted in the study where he noted that John Dewey is considered a cardinal conceiver of believing about contemplation. Dewey argued in his ain words that reflective persons have certain features, which includes open-mindedness, which illustrates the will power within an person to accept rational duty for one ‘s ain positions, heartiness this merely means, a willingness to face frights and uncertainnesss, and eventually enthusiasm. Contemplation is concerned with patterns and actions, particularly professional pattern in Fieldss such as school instruction ( Allen, 1992 ; Beyer, 1989 ; Collier, 1999 ) , nursing ( Burns A ; Bulman, 2000 ) , societal work ( Fook, 1996 ) , and direction â€Å" communities of pattern † ( Welsh A ; Dehler, 2004 ) . Reflection besides generates enquiry and a hunt for significance ; it provides the possible to see things in a manner they have non been understood earlier. More merely, brooding pattern contributes to larning. What I have learnt that will be everlastingly utile to me is the ability to dialogue, this a really of import instrument peculiarly in a group work scenario. Again it is good to listen to the leader as two wrongs can ne’er do a right, it is wholly unjust when squad members refuse to listen to the leader, and evidently things will non travel good. I have besides learnt that in the hereafter I understand clearly the footing of my undertaking before one kick off with work on it, as this delayed my group from traveling frontward during the presentation, as though we were traveling about within the same circle, before we got our precedences right. â€Å" The agencies of contemplation is most frequently dialogue through which subjective and nonsubjective experience is processed, questioned, and significance is made of it. Reflection through duologue demonstrates pupils ‘ larning through their ability to gestate what they have learned, the significance it has for their present and future, and the acknowledgment that they are neither the same individual as they were a few old ages antecedently nor should they anticipate to be a few old ages therefore. Baker, Jensen, and Kolb ( 2002 ) labelled this attack to larning â€Å" the wrong-side-out attack. † Scott G. S ( 2010 ) P 433 5.7 Decision In reasoning this contemplation study it is interesting to observe that â€Å" acquisition can be considered as a procedure of debate in which thought, reflecting, sing and action are different facets of the same procedure † . It is besides a practical debate with oneself and in coaction with others that really forms the footing of larning. ( Pavlica et al. 1998: 145 ) in Corley A and Eades E ( 2004, P 138 ) During the reappraisal of literature it was noted harmonizing to Jeffrey D et Al. ( 2000 ) that contemplation is non an wholly new procedure and some authors trace it to the work of Socrates, they went on to depict contemplation â€Å" as a procedure of withdrawing from or stepping back from an experience and taking clip to intentionally and carefully reexamine it, believe about it and build significance from it, nevertheless contemplation is said to hold a past, present and future component. In this study the author has been able to reflect by and large about the past experience, looking through the beginning of the selling communications maestro ‘s grade foremost feeling, through to the present clip which has to make with the experience while composing up the thesis, it is besides interesting to observe that the author besides discussed briefly of future outlooks and larning from the past experience that can positively impact the hereafter work. Having reflected on my experience from first twenty-four hours of university up until the yearss of my concluding thesis, I will state Is have really enjoyed the full procedure. Meeting friends from other parts of the universe was a good thing to retrieve, with no exclusions of my coachs who were ever at that place, and willing to assist with whatever need we might hold during the class of survey. However one quit e agree with the thought of personal contemplations as it gives the chance to believe back and do damagess as required. This in bend will hold a positive consequence on an person. Mentions Miriam Catterall, Pauline Maclaran, and Lorna Stevens ( 2010 ) Critical Reflection in the Marketing Curriculum Journal of Marketing Education, Vol. 24 No. 3, December 2002 184-192 Scott. G Susanne ( 2010 ) Enhancing Reflection Skills through Learning Portfolios: An Empirical Test. Journal of Management Education 34 ( 3 ) 430-457. The Author ( s ) , hypertext transfer protocol: //www. Fuguan Tan ( 2009 ) Tri-fold Transformation: An International Adult Student ‘s Contemplations on Online Learning. Walker E. S ( 2006 ) . Journal Writing as a Teaching Technique to Promote Reflection Journal of Athletic Training Vol. 41, No 2 p216-221 Klenowski Val and Lunt Ingrid ( 2008 ) Enhancing larning at doctorial degree through the usage of contemplation. Taylor A ; Francis Walsh Anita ( 2009 ) Modes of Reflection: Is it possible to utilize both single and corporate contemplation to accommodate the ‘three-party cognition involvements ‘ in workplace acquisition? European Journal of Education, Vol. 44, No. 3, 2009, Part I _1389 385 Aileen Corley and Elaine Eades ( 2004 ) ‘Becoming ‘ critically brooding practicians: faculty members ‘ and pupils ‘ contemplations on the issues involved. Pp. 137-144. Human Resource Development International, Taylor and Francis Limited Horton-Deutsch Sarah and Sherwood Gwen ( 2008 ) Contemplation: an educational scheme to develop emotionally- competent nurse leaders. Journal of Nursing Management, 16, 946-954 Doyle, Wendy ; Young, Jeffrey D ( 2000 ) .Managing Development: Making the most Experience and Reflection. Fall2000, Vol. 25 Issue 3, p18 Marianne new wave Woerkom, ( 2010 ) Advances in Developing Human Resouces. The Concept of Critical Reflection and Its Deductions for Human Resource Development Advances in Developing Human Resources Vol. 6, No. 2 p 178-192 How to cite Reflection on a business education course, Essay examples

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The Ability to Empathize in Between the World and Me, a Book by Ta

The Ability to Empathize in Between the World and Me, a Book by Ta-Nehisis Coates Essay A large part of reading and experiencing Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates revolves around the ability to empathize with Coates. Coates’s purpose behind writing this book lies in the recent surge of police brutality on black people, such as with the murders of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. This motivation of Coates’s is furthered by his position as a father, which manifests itself as the book taking form as a letter to his teenage son. Throughout the book, Coates uses stories, both personal and impersonal, to get the reader to see the world through his own eyes, and educate the reader about what it means to be black in America in a push to change the state of the present. Coates spends a great deal of time writing about his time at Howard University, his childhood, his son, and his views on recent murders in order to achieve this goal. In â€Å"Empathy is a Privilege?† by John Paul Rollert in The Atlantic Monthly, Rollert writes that the â€Å"sustained terror† described by Coates through his accounts of crimes on black people â€Å"prevents the imaginative escape of empathy by making the flesh unforgettable.† This idea of making flesh unforgettable is used by Coates with his strategy of forcing the reader to come face-to-face with a very bleak and sad reality of unjustified murders portrayed in a haunting way not commonly seen on television or in newspapers. This technique used by Coates makes the reader struggle with not empathizing on at least some sort of level. Ultimately, Coates’s rhetoric of detailed stories, and the way he paints those in the stories as individuals, rather than headlines, makes his argument more effective, because he sets up the reader to empathize with not only him, but also those involved in his stories, such as Prince Jones or his own son. In a description of Prince Jones, Coates wrote â€Å"His face was lean, brown, and beautiful, and across that face, I saw the open, easy smile of Prince Carmen Jones† (77). If Coates had left out such touching and visceral accounts of many events, Coates’s purpose of education would fall deaf on many ears, especially white readers. However, something Coates either fails to realizes or chooses to ignore is the fact that empathy needs to flows both ways in his writing. Coates’s inability to detach from his own self and step away from his, although justified, anger potentially hurts his credibility. The amount of anger in his rhetoric and lack of personal empathizing may deter some readers from wanting to keep an open mind or adopt Coates’s perspective. When writing the difference between black and white children, Coates stated â€Å"No one told those little white children, with their tricycles, to be twice as good. I imagined their parents telling them to take twice as much† (91). Coates’s hostility towards children and his assumptions of how white parents raise their children can easily create offense, because of how serious parenthood is to most parents. Coates has a tendency to make generalizations about white people as a whole, all while asking for white people to stop making gener alizations about black people as a whole. This sort of double standard can set Coates’s rhetorical situation up for failure, because it gives Coates’s reputation room to seem invalid and his argument overly biased. When speaking about President Obama, Rollert mentions Obama’s writing in The Audacity of Hope, specifically, â€Å"to think clearly about race, then, requires us to see the world on a split screen †¦ to acknowledge the sins of the past and the challenges of the present without becoming trapped in cynicism or despair.’† Coates’s â€Å"trauma of fearfulness† hurts his ability to maintain a non-cynical perspective, and this is evident in his account of the events on 9/11 by saying â€Å"my heart was cold. I had disasters all my own.† Also, his slander of â€Å"the ridiculous pageantry of flags, the machismo of firemen, the overwrought slogan. Damn it all.† Although Coates may have every right to be angry, his anger should not mean trivializing such a large event in American history that so many people feel strongly about. His negativity towards 9/11, along with how often he criticizes the merits of the American Dream, may hinder the ability of some readers to empathize with Coates, because they themselves may begin to feel attacked. Coates’s whole purpose relies heavily on his readers’ ability to empathize. Coates wants all of his readers to empathize with him, because it is his best chance of convincing his readers of his argument. When Coates begins to toe the line of what is and is not offensive, this hurts his chances of all of his readers empathizing with him. Athletes and Domestic Violence EssayAlthough Coates has some constraints working against him, such as the magnitude of his anger and how it warps his ability to appeal to some audiences at times, he does an amazing and effective job of persuading the reader and getting them to feel what he himself is feeling on a small scale. Coates’s choices in his diction, framing, and stories are very purposeful, because he understands what it takes to get people to care. And by doing it enough, Coates makes it near impossible for his reader to ignore his palpable fear, anger, and sadness over race relations in America. There is a great deal more to stories than just providing evidence. And there is a great deal more involved when reading and experiencing this book than simply gliding your eyes across the pages; the reader must step out from their own world and into Coates’s in order to fully grasp what Coates is trying to accomplish here.

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Law OF Diminishing Returns Essays - Production Economics

Law oF Diminishing Returns The Law of diminishing returns is a key one in economics. It is used to explain many of the ways the economy works and changes. It is a relatively simple idea; spending and investing more and more in a product where one of the factors of production remains the same means the enterprise will eventually run out of steam. The returns will begin to diminish in the long run. If more fertilizer and better machinery are used on an acre of farmland, the yield will increase for a while but then begin to slow and become flat. A farmer can only get so much out of the land, and the more the farmer works, the harder it gets. The economic reason for diminishing returns of capital is as follows: When the capital stock is low, there are many workers for each machine, and the benefits of increasing capital further are great; but when the capital stock is high, workers already have plenty of capital to work with, and little benefit is to be gained from expanding capital further. For example, in a secr etarial pool in which there are many more secretaries than computer terminals, each terminal is constantly being utilized and secretaries must waste time waiting for a free terminal. In this situation, the benefit in terms of increased output of adding extra terminals is high. However, if there are already as many terminals as secretaries, so that terminals are often idle and there is no waiting for a terminal to become available, little additional output can be obtained by adding yet another terminal. Another application for this law is in Athletics, for runners, their investment is the time and energy put into training and the yield is hopefully improved fitness. Early in their running careers or early in the training program a couple of weeks of regular training would be rewarded with a considerable increase in fitness. Having achieved a very fit state though, two weeks of regular training will achieve a barely perceptible increase in fitness. But in today's world, this famous law seems to have been turned on its head. In Japan, for example, huge amounts of investment have resulted in large increases in the economy and large increases in capital goods per worker. But the rate of productivity growth did not decline the way one would have expected on the basis of diminishing returns. Japan got ahead and stayed ahead.

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Bellamy and Spencer

Bellamy and Spencer Introduction The following research paper explains how Bellamy and Spencer differ in the novel ‘Looking Backward from 2000-1887’.This essay also examines the Bellamy’s ideal future and also critically examines as to whether or not people can live in Bellamy’s world.’Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Bellamy and Spencer specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Looking Backward from 2000-1887’ is a utopian novel that was published by Edward Bellamy in 1888.Edward Bellamy was a Massachusetts renowned writer. In this novel, a thirty year-old American man by the name of Julian Wess wakes up after falling asleep for one hundred and thirteen years. After waking up, Julian Wess discovers that the society has done away with the class divisions.Also, he, he discovers that the same salary is given to workers all over the country and that poverty does not exist in the society. During the time that he was asleep, the United States had developed as a utopia society.Julian Wess is lucky to find Doctor Leete who guides him by showing him around and explaining to him all the recent developments that have taken place in the United States. Doctor Leete explains to him that the retirement age is 45 years and that resources are publicly owned. Edward Bellamy in his book powerfully criticizes capitalist society .The book is famous for its forceful arguments for abolition of the wages. The novel puts much emphasis on society’s freedom of choice with regards to pursuing occupations (Bellamy, 1929, P.3-6). How Bellamy and Spencer differ Both Edward Bellamy and Hilbert Spencer veered differently with regards to addressing the key economic and social issues. The two scholars attempted to address social and economic issues during the late 19th century between the period 1884 and 1899. Edward Bellamy’s idea in his major Utopian work’ Looking Backward,2000-1987â €™ were mainly nationalism i.e. a form of socialism where all the industries are owned by a nation and the economic inequality remains virtually unknown. Decisions concerning allocation of crucial economic resources are determined by the state. All important means of production such as power and land are publicly owned. Since the state owns all the resources, there is no personal income that is derived from ownership of the resources. Bellamy emphasized the adoption of militarization of labor and he believed that, workers should be organized into several industrial armies until they reach the retirement age.Advertising Looking for research paper on social sciences? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More According to him, poverty can be eradicated if everyone does his or her industry duty accordingly. Bellamy held the view that workers should not be allowed to manage themselves because they may decide to choose slack pol icies which may cause the production capacity to fall. He was on the view that an economy which is based on mutual cooperation is beneficial as it is centrally planned and lacks any trace of competition (Rodgers, 2008, P.66-68). On the other hand, Hebert Spencer held a different view on how the society should be managed. Herbert Spencer was a sociologist and British Philosopher .Herbert Spencer emphasized on the application of the Darwinian evolutionary theory in the society. Darwinian evolutionary theory was coined by Charles Darwin in the mid 19th century. Charles Darwin held the view that species usually evolve as a result of natural selection and only the fittest species survive. According to this theory, survival for the fittest is a natural rule that must be followed by all the species failure to which they will die. In other words, those species including human beings that outwit others usually outlast and outplay them in order to survive. According to Darwinian evolutionary theory, the strongest in the society reign supreme whereas, the weak dies off. Charles Darwin argued that, for the society to evolve, the strong should continue to reign while on the other hand, the weak should die off. Herbert Spencer played an important role in developing the social Darwin’s theory. In fact, he was the one who coined the phrase ‘survival for the fittest’. He argued that, the freedom of individuals is greater than that of the community. According to him, government has an impact as far as progress of individual’s freedom is concerned. Spencer held the view that a clear distinction should be made between the meaning of the term ‘progress’ and ‘human happiness’. He further argued that ambiguity occurs with reference to these two definitions as progress is implied to mean human happiness for the reason that it enhances human happiness (Rodgers, 2008, P.66-68). Herbert Spencer was also on the view that the economic s ystem should be a leissez faire one i.e. one where the decision concerning the allocation of resources is made by the individuals based on price mechanism. According to Spencer, individuals should have the right to acquire and dispose off natural resources as they wish without any restrictions whatsoever. Spencer was on the view that individuals should also have freedom of choice and enterprise i.e. they should be free to purchase or hire the economic resources, organize the economic resources for production and lease or sell them in the market of their choice. The owners of resources should be free to use them as they wish.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Bellamy and Spencer specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Consumers on the other hand should be free to spend their earnings as they wish. According to him, firms should aim at maximizing their profits while the owners of land should aim at maximizing their re nt. Employees should aim at shifting to those occupations which are associated with higher rewards and the consumers should be willing to purchase those goods and services which maximizes their satisfaction (Spencer, 2010, P.285). Herbert Spencer also emphasized on the competition model which is characterized by a large number of buyers and sellers with each buyer and seller accounting for an insignificant share of business. According to Spencer, prices of goods and services should be based on the decisions of the producers and consumers. Government intervention should not exist as far as price control is concerned (Rodgers, 2008, P.66-68). A brief conversation between Bellamy and Spencer Bellamy told Spencer that the main reason why women in modern society are more efficient and happy like men is due to the fact that, each person is provided with an occupation which he or she is well adapted to. According to Bellamy ,both men and women should be treated equally (Bellamy,1929,P.3-6) .Spencer on his part argued that, women plays a greater role in the society and they should be more appreciated as compared to their male counterparts(Rodgers, 2008, P.66-68). Bellamy’s ideal future The book ‘Looking Backward: 2000-1887’ was aimed at stirring thoughts of future. Edward Bellamy gave a forecast of what he believed the 20 the century would be. Edward Bellamy was on the view that society will eventually solve its own problems and thus develop to a perfection state. He believed that the new society will deal with all the vices ranging from crime to loafing. Edward Bellamy believed that criminals and loafers compromised law and order in the society. Criminals according to him are not responsible persons in the society as they prefer to lead a live that is characterized by lawlessness and violence. According to him, the former society was based on injustice and lacked moral authority of dealing with criminals and violent classes in the society. Society did not play its rightful role of judging the irresponsible beings. He argued that the future society has the responsibility of finding the criminal class and change them to become responsible beings. He further argued that the role of the government should not be limited to maintaining peace and defending its citizens against aggression by enemies but rather, the government functions should be extended to protecting its citizens against hunger, nakedness and cold. Public enemies do not necessarily mean state enemies but rather those aspects that subjects people to deplorable living conditions.Advertising Looking for research paper on social sciences? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The government should aim at meeting both physical and mental needs of its citizens. Society should act to punish corrupt individuals. The wealth machinery of the country should not be entrusted to only a few people such as the political class. With this regards, Bellamy held the view that there should be no politicians or political parties (Karier, 1986, P.101). Bellamy believed that it is important for human nature to change. In order for people to lead productive and meaningful lives in future, they should aim at changing their current motives of action. He argued that former society was characterized by government officials who misused their powers for their own reasons. His ideal future society should be constituted in such a way that it is impossible for an official to make any private profit or misuse power. His ideal society should not provide a state official with an opportunity to engage in corrupt activities .The social system should not offer premiums because of dishones ty (Bellamy, 1929, P.34-41). His ideal future is one the one which is egalitarian. Edward Bellamy in his novel ‘Looking Backward, 2000-1887’ prophesized that one day, the society would change into an orderly one that is free from violent strikes, severe economic recession and corruption in government and in business. Bellamy emphasized that people should struggle for a better society which is founded on radical egalitarianism. He was optimistic that a massive transformation will take place in future following the emergence of industrial forces in United States. He argued that democracy cannot exist in a society where there is massive economic and political inequality. He further argued that a healthy society is one where production is aimed for use and not for profit and work is redefined in such a manner that it each person performs those tasks which he or she is capable of accomplishing (Lipow, 1982, P.24). Bellamy advocated for subordination of women. Edward Bellamyà ¢â‚¬â„¢s ideal; future was a perfect world where people coexists in an orderly and harmonious manner. According to him, women should be totally liberated and they should be accorded equal treatment with men. Bellamy noted that women have been severely undermined over the last decades of his own time. Women’s movements were not highly regarded in the society due to lack of thoroughgoing commitment with regards to economic equality. Bellamy hoped that gender equality will prevail in the society. In order for gender equality to be enhanced in the society, Bellamy noted that the society should move shift from being economic dependence to economic independence (Bedford, 1966, P.14). Edward Bellamy held the view that in future, productivity should be high. He hoped that the future of leisure will look bright. According to him, increased production in the future would be enhanced by the widespread use of automation. He was on the opinion that leisure should be abundant in future. Fo r leisure to be abundant in future, Bellamy held the view that the number work week should be reduced (Atkinson, 2004, P.303). Edward Bellamy hoped to live in a society which is comprised of an industrial army. Bellamy’s hoped that the society should be based on a bureaucratic model. He was on the view that, power should be concentrated at the top. According to him, the officers who serve in the industrial army should also be the state’s officials. The military should be able to impose discipline over the tanks and this will ensure that tasks are accomplished in an efficient manner without conflicts and disorders. With regards to the industrial army, impersonal and unselfish goals would be discovered by the masses for which they would strive willingly (Bellamy, 1929, P.126). According to Bellamy, an ideal world is the one in which the educational system provides everyone to attain his or her educational goals. Bellamy was on the view that everyone should receive educat ion to the highest degree. He argued that by educating only a few people, a wide gap is created between the educated and the uneducated. Education according to him is vital as it enables people to communicate with one another. Education also plays an important role in eliminating brutishness (Patai, 1988, P.69). Edward Bellamy hoped to live in a world where there is no private commerce. According to him, individuals will not have the right to own property and dispose off natural resources as they wish. This implies that people will not have the right to income generated from the resources i.e. interest, rent and profit. Bellamy believed that the use of money as a medium of exchange should be abolished. According to him, commerce can be carried on without money. Trading whether domestic or international does not require the use of money. He argued that, when foreign trade was carried out by private enterprises, money was important as it helped in adjusting the complexities of transac tion but the future commerce will be carried out by nations as units. Bellamy argued that books of accounts will serve effectively to regulate the dealings of merchants across the globe. He further argued that custom duties are unnecessary .This is because a nation only imports those commodities which are requisites .The bureau of foreign exchange in each country plays an important role of managing it trading(Bellamy,1929,P.34-41). Bellamy wished to live in a society where the government runs everything .According to him, the state should not only own all the resources but also regulate and control strategic resources. The government should intervene in the economy in order to create a framework of rules and regulations. According to him, the creation and enforcement of rules and regulations is only possible by having a society that is hierarchically organized. The government is vested with the role of promoting the general welfare of its citizens. According to Bellamy, the governme nt should ensure that there is equitable distribution of wealth (Bellamy, 1929, P.34-41). Bellamy wished that in future, labor interest should not be present as it is a major challenge. According to him, the government should assume the responsibilities of capital in order to solve labor related issues. The government by virtue of being a sole employer will ensure that all its citizens are provided with tasks which they perform enthusiastically and efficiently. The future government should take into consideration the industry’s needs before distributing its employees. According to him, the principle of universal military service should be adopted in addressing the labor issues. He was on the view that, every individual will be obliged to contribute his or her military services to protect the state once the society changes into a sole capitalist. Each citizen will thus contribute a substantial proportion of his or her intellectual services towards the maintenance of the countr y. This is achievable only when the sate becomes the sole employer of its citizens .Indeed, there can be no labor organization in a situation where the employing power is divided among many individuals and corporations (Bellamy, 1929, P.34-41). Bellamy’s ideal future is one where service is not compulsory upon all the individuals but rather a natural and reasonable aspect. According to him, the society should move from a situation where service is compulsory as this is a weak way of stating its absolute inevitableness. The entire social order should not be based on compulsory service for survival because, if a man has no means to provide for his or her existence, then he or she may decide to exclude him or herself from the world by committing suicide (Bellamy, 1929, P.34-41). Bellamy also held the view that the number of volunteers in any kind of trade should be exactly the same number that is required in that trade .In other words, the supply of volunteers should always meet the demand. Businesses have the role of ensuring that the supply of volunteers in any trade equals the demand. Volunteering rate should be closely monitored and if the number of volunteers exceeds the number required, then the trade should be understood to offer greater attraction as compared to others. However, if the volunteers for a given trade fall below the demand, then the trade should be inferred as tough. The administration has the role of ensuring that the attractions of various trades equalizes. This is important as it will ensure that labor conditions are addressed. Bellamy held the view that people should engage in those trades which they have a natural interest in. This is achieved by varying the number of labor hours according to the nature of trade’s arduousness. According to him, a person should not engage himself or herself in those tasks which are harder to be accomplished (Bellamy, 1929, P.34-41). Bellamy was on the view that, one does not necessarily have to stick to a trade or occupation which he or she initially entered. Thus, one may change his or her occupation later in life despite the fact that changing occupation frequently is not encouraged. Every person has the right of volunteering in an industry which he or she deems fit (Bellamy, 1929, P.34-41). Bellamy also held the view that the term of service should not be lengthy or for life. According to him, the term of service should begin late in life and also end earlier .Leete explains to Wess that workshops in former society were filled with young children and old people. Bellamy believes that the term of industrial service should be 24 years and it should begin after one completes his or her education at 21.The term for industrial service should end after one attains forty-five years. According to him, terminating at 45 provides one with an opportunity of remaining liable to special calls in emergency cases (Bellamy, 1929, P.34-41). We are yet to live in Bellamy’s wor ld as most of things that he envisioned are unrealistic and cannot be applicable in modern society. The future is not dependent on what we believe i.e. utopias does not exist. Utopia is in fact dynamic and therefore, a social system should be willing and ready to change in order to survive. The paths that individuals choose to follow plays an important role in determining whether they will live well lives in future or not. However, the increased use of technology has made it possible to assign machines with the role of making decisions. In the modern world, machines are used in virtually all areas. Electronic computers have enhanced accomplishment of complex tasks. In today’s world, people are able to live long and healthy as a result of innovations .The advents in science and technology have made it possible for an individual’s achievements to be based on his or her pursuits and not the amount of wealth and property that he or she acquires. Living in Bellamy’s world The world that Bellamy envisions is the one that will respect the rights of every individual regardless of his or her skin color,age,tribe e.t.c.The world will ensure that love prevails all over the place as people will love for others sake. True love is characterized by lack of envy or selfishness. Everybody would wish to, live in Bellamy’s world where public goods like education are adequately provided to all. His world would play an important role in shifting resources in pursuit of a grand scheme such as rapid industrialization .Also, it would ensure greater equality in income distribution and monopoly would not be encouraged. Everyone would be happy to live in Bellamy’s world that is characterized with beauty and general goodness. This world is however not achievable in modern times due to such reasons as Bellamy’s world would not result to a higher growth rate .there would be no self interest in pursuit of personal goods. In the absence of profit mot ive in production, there is no incentive for hard work and innovations. This will eventually give rise to inefficiencies in terms of low output per worker. Higher rate of economic growth cannot be achieved. This is because of lack of incentives available for hard work and quality of work. Usually, high level of skills and motivated by extra pay or profits. Living in Bellamy’s world will compromise the concept of consumer sovereignty. People will not have power to determine not only what is produced and what quality but also, how resources are allocated. In general, people are more sovereign in a free market economy where commodities are produced in line with their preferences. Also, the lack of competition in Bellamy’s world implies that, efficient allocation of resources between competing users will be undermined. Reference List Atkinson, R. (2004).The past and future of Americas economy: long waves of innovation that power cycles of growth.Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Pu blishing. Bedford, H. (1966).Socialism and the workers in Massachusetts, 1886-1912.Boston: Univ of Massachusetts Press. Bellamy, E. (1929).Looking backward, 2000-1887.New York: Forgotten Books. Patai, D. (1988).Looking backward, 1988-1888: essays on Edward Bellamy.Boston: Univ of Massachusetts Press. Karier, C. (1986).The individual, society, and education: a history of American educational ideas.Chicago: University of Illinois Press. Lipow, A. (1982).Authoritarian socialism in America: Edward Bellamy the nationalist movement. New York: University of California Press. Rodgers, D. (2008).Debugging the link between social theory and social insects.Louisiana: LSU Press. Spencer, H. (2010).The Study of Sociology.London: READ BOOKS.

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Art History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Art History - Essay Example Rome and Alba Longa experienced conflicts due to power struggles and quest for more territories. The painting depicts three brothers saluting their dad who takes away their swords. They are taking an oath on their swords which Horatii will then hand to them. The period reflected in the painting was a creation of David to accomplish his creative goals. Since the ancient times, art has been used to help in creating a sense of imagery and convey a hidden message. The painting creates a sense of heroism as it was created just before the French Revolution (Kleiner, 2010, p. 356). The sons maintain the use of power to fight the enemy. The French authorities use the painting as a propaganda tool to create nationalism within the country. Ideally, the government wanted the citizens to uphold the sense of loyalty and pride as depicted by the loyalty that the Horatii brothers had towards their city. The government was concerned about the deportation of the citizens (Kleiner, 2010, p. 342). The government was for the idea that painting would help in bringing the citizens together, thus realizing nationalism. The painting inspired loyalty and bravery among the French nationals. Further, the picture shows two women who were associated with the Curiatii. Nonetheless, the two brothers are not concerned about the sobbing women but are ready to sacrifice for their city. The painting The Oath of the Horatii helped in laying the foundation for Neoclassicism (Gardner & Kleiner, 2010). Propagandas are aimed at convincing the citizens of the particular policies as well as create social norms through endorsing particular social behaviors. David had developed his own symbolic language, although he had detailed a technique to represent the inner ideas and situations in the society. His works on paintings demonstrated the allure of classical and revival art, that was noticeable in his style and political symbolism. David’s art was integrated in his limitless and